Allergies – How Natural perfumes can cause allergic


Allergies are a way of life with some people. Do exactly what causes their allergies is difficult to do because others in their lives. Perfume is one of the most common reactors in subjects with allergic rhinitis allergies. Some actually believe that natural is better than synthetic perfumes.

Recently it has been studied at the University of Gothenburg shows that natural aromatic oils can cause contact dermatitis or eczema-provoking allergens. We have been told by aroma therapists to natural oils do not cause any type of reaction. This has been proven false by a real life study. Guess there will be some review of what goes in advertising essential oils now.

I have one client who is a Universal Reactor and can not get around any perfume or essential oils. She leads a very lonely life, but is a real life survivor Chemical Sensitivity. She was poisoned by pesticides and is determined to continue with their lives, no matter what is thrown her way. She is an inspiration to others and helps them to understand how to deal with their allergies.

Natural Lavender oil was investigated by Lina accustomed, a researcher at the University of Gothenburg. The results showed that individuals fragrances or essential oils are not as healthy as reported. Her research showed that essential oils do not prevent the formation of allergenic substances. This is going to be a big hit in the theory of natural materials are healthy for us. The study showed just the opposite. I’m sure there will be some kind of backlash from this study, more information needs to uncover the whole story.

I personally use some of the essential oils will be a little more careful in my choice of what to use now. Peppermint is the favorite, but it will be used less now. I have one friend who is allergic to the smell of peppermint essential oil, now I know why. I thought she was just allergic to me, now I know better. Guys and girls, you need to watch your essential oils, could be a real turn off your partner.

Allergies can be frustrating than dealing with them is a matter of survival for some individuals. If you think you are having a severe reaction to natural essential oils, consult your doctor for more information. This study of lavender oil to light all parts of mother nature are not always good for us.

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