Excessive mucus and Allergy Connection: How to Get Rid of mucus permanently


Tired of swallowing pills and use a nasal spray with no end in sight? I can relate, I used to be there yourself. Four years ago sinus my struggle was when I was liberated from all sinus disease. I will share with you some of the simple things I did which resulted in permanent relief, not only for me, but for others too who were willing to go unconventional. Here are some of the things we did that prove to be effective in reducing excessive mucus significantly or totally eliminate it

The mucus function

But first, a word about our must mucus. A normal amount of one to two pints of day will pass through the sinus and nasal cavities and channels every day – to keep our breathing apparatus function healthily. This explains why the main function of the membranes lining the area to produce mucus. They protect our respiratory organs from pollens, dust, bacteria, particles, etc.; and also explains why a constant flow of clear, watery mucus – not green or yellow mucus – is natural and important to sinus health. How then do we our “good sinus mucus” from becoming great? Here are some proven tips

Hypersensitivity irritation

Probably high mucus is the result of allergic irritation caused by the environment and increase by some of the foods we eat. Yet, unknown to many, house dust is invisible culprit behind much allergic suffering, and that puts the production of histamine – a clear, watery mucus so common allergy season or all year if you are allergic to dust. Try this experiment: put the nose near carpet or overstuffed furniture and breathe deeply. If you are allergic to dust you will know it within seconds: itchy eyes, coughing, difficulty breathing, sneezing, etc. If that happens and given the intensity of reaction and frequency, you need to decide whether to try regular antihistamines, or seek assistance. Sometimes household pet dander ‘dust factor causing the problem and can be isolated and dealt with.

Foods to avoid

Dairy products and sugar in most cases will not increase allergic reactions and excessive mucus issue. I know people who eliminate these two from their diet for four to five days, and the results were so convincing that they substantially reduce the use of these two foods permanently. In fact, excessive mucus is no longer the case at all for them.

Green and yellow mucus

These colored mucus, but very common in some cases, is indicative of health issues that need our attention. They often tell us that there is an infection in various states of progress being fought by the immune system. One way to make them more acceptable to drink 5-6 glasses of water a day; to help his way through breathing apparatus and help the immune system do its job. Abstain from mucus producing foods such as sugar and dairy products, as already mentioned, will also help reduce their annoyance. These two mucus should not have as much as possible, to absorb. One OTC remedy that helps to release it so it can be expelled is guaifenesin. Why not try some of these suggestions? Risk is minimized while the potential results can be very rewarding.


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