Sinus and Allergy – Three Worst Foods


For all the controversy about whether some foods, actually affects a person’s environmental allergies and sinus issues , there is one thing certain: Most people will respond affirmatively when asked if their condition was improved after stop the use of some specific foods.

At least, this has been the case for many, as well as mine, who had suffered from two problems, and try this simple experiment for a period of several days. This “empirical” approach -with practical experimental medicine, but little known and not scientific, has been in many cases, a welcome solution in the treatment of these two health issues. The results have been consistent and difficult to hassle in the real world

Three foods seem to stand out as real enemies of those who suffer from environmental allergies and sinus disorders, such as :. Sinus pressure, PND (on the nose -drip), chronic production of green and yellow mucus, sinusitis, etc. These three foods are: milk, sugar and egg. List of “bad foods” is much longer, and they are three, possibly holding the “worst” superiority.

Sugar and dairy

Nutritional and medical science, as well as the government, are sounding a warning alarm about the effects of sugar on health: Harvard University researchers, Director of Health and Human Services, bone disease expert from Tufts University are all saying, basically, the same: The average consumption of sugar in the United States is too high and this can be very harmful to our health. Although their warnings are for the public connotation that can add credibility to the negative effects of sugar for two groups that we are considering in this article :. Those dealing with allergies and sinus issues

As for dairy products, when the end of the 1800’s some nutrition experts were expressing the “milk produces phlegm.” So far back also sugar had already been singled out as “harmful,” when taken in large quantities. Moreover, significant milk and sugar when taken together, it turned out, forming amounts of alcohol in the stomach.

We must keep in mind the balance that not everyone reacts the same way to put things in the body, whether it is food, medicines, drugs, aspirin or even water. But it is good to know that when many allergies or sinus sufferers stopped using these three food was remarkable improve her or his condition.


Some healthy living advocates would require that eggs can be just as harmful, when dealing with these health issues, such as sugar and dairy products. Again, some are probably more sensitive to this food than others. Still, you can experiment with it to see if he should really be placed in its own list of people “bad foods.”


Some may be worried about becoming malnourished if these three foods were significantly reduced or eliminated. The good news, however, that the American diet is now protein heavy it could prove to be, in many cases, a blessing in disguise

problems with allergies and sinus issues such as :. Pressure, headache, drainage, prolonged green or yellow mucus? Try to eliminate or significantly reduce the three food items and see what happens. The results could pleasantly surprise you and it did for me and many others.