The Uncommon Tea Allergy


There are many people who suffer from “food allergies”. Annually, it is one of the top ranked disorders diagnosed by doctors. Some are very common while others, such as allergies tea, occur less frequently. When suffering from exceptional food allergies (eg tea); my information can help sufferers. In this article we will cover the suffering of these allergies involves allergy symptoms tea you will, and why intolerance place.

When searching for information, you are not likely to come up with much. You will more than likely find page after page of tea for allergy relief and how green tea will help calm your allergies (and signs) that come with them. However, if you are one of the few who suffer from tea allergy- you are unable to reap the benefits of green tea healing; often you are allergic or sensitive to green tea as well

Definition :.

Many discuss food allergies, but there are those exactly? Food allergy is when food is taken and seen as the “invader”. The body reacts by sending antibodies to stop the invader (treats it like an infection). This is commonly referred to as hypersensitivity to an allergen. In this case it is the body’s allergic tannin or caffeine, which is a common ingredient in tea. There are two types of tea allergies occur more frequently than others :. Chamomile and Linden


In most cases, allergies and tea characteristics. will clear up within a few hours or a few days

Symptoms include:

– runny
– Swelling: It can cause swelling of the face, cheeks, limbs, and / or throat. In the case of throat swelling, if it causes breathing problems, this can be a serious
– Eye irritation :. This will be the first signal. This can range from watery eyes to itchy, red eyes. This should last longer than a few days
– sneezing
– irritation :. Hives (raised bumps on the skin) may occur and on the skin for up to several days.
– Headache: This is very similar to a sinus headache (concerns front and back of the head)

There are some rare cases where people can go into anaphylactic shock (a life-threatening allergic reaction.). In these cases, the throat swells, blocking the airway and cause choking. If this happens, you can call 911 or have someone rush you to the hospital immediately. Death is possible, so take proper precautions.

Find relief is similar calming other allergies. There are many allergies against drugs (such as Benadryl), you can buy. There are also many natural herbal remedies that you can try. However, this may interfere with the current health plan. Do not start any new medicines without consulting a doctor. Some people are just allergic to certain types of tea, but read the labels of all teas will help to ensure that you ingest any products, your body will treat the allergen. Avoid all kinds of tea is often the most effective way to treat allergies tea.