Sinus Pressure – When House Dust allergy is the culprit


Could cause sinus pressure nuisance phone lying deep in the carpet nap or rugs? House dust – and there are several types of it – is responsible for sinus irritation that produces extra mucus that can accumulate and create sinus pressure. I had allergy injections for years for pollens and to a lesser extend, dust, and I was doing pretty well. But then two years in a row I had serious problems sinus and I was surprised. This happened before I spent considerable time studying sinus my health situation of “choice” – using resources other than conventional medicine drug -. Stand point

I went to another allergy expert and a new set of allergy skin tests were conducted in several types of dust. The results were shown. I had been desensitized few pollens, but I was very allergic type dust that contains a lot of dust mite droppings, which, by the way, are microscopic. As you can see, the problem is not with the mites themselves, but “legacy” they leave behind, especially when they have ground to recreate in. What could the environment be?

Dust mites thrive in a surrounding that has three things: warmth, moisture, dead skin particles – that rubs off on the human body and mites used as food. Some scholars in this field even suggest that the most common house dust is made up, primarily, the latter factor. In particular, in my case, that could be an average one, we used regular cool steam humidifier in the bedroom – to keep sinuses moist at night so they would not swell from dryness, when the heat was on in the winter. The problem was that the water produced was to focus somewhat on the carpet in the area in front of the humidifier; thus becoming, unwittingly, a breeding ground for the little rascals. As they increased in numbers they spread all over the bedroom carpet and then transfer to the mattress. The body warmth and moisture and enough bits of dead skin provide ideal breeding sites for this microscope discomfort

solution :. Since dust mites is very difficult to kill, the solution had a few things:

  • I started getting allergy shots taylor-made for the house dust mites droppings heavy with ‘
  • We bought a special zippered bedding not allow mites to move from the mattress surface sheet
  • We continued to use a humidifier, but I raised it so the steam would disperse more
  • We vacuumed the carpet again, but use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to keep more of the dust within the machine

It worked. You might want to find out more about whether you may be allergic to house dust mites droppings’; especially if sinus pressure is a chronic one.


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