Allergies – Chlorine allergies and Salt Water Pools


There are a lot of people allergic to chlorine. Most pools are disinfected using chlorine and has been popular for many years because there was no choice. Salt water pools are easier to maintain and have lower expenses. They also have a minimal use of materials. Let’s see what the benefits of these types of pools.

1. If you are one of those people allergic to chlorine, salt water pools require fewer chemicals. This is great for those who want to swim often. They do not have to deal with substances that affect their health in the long term. These types of pools are also environmentally friendly and safer. In addition, there is no annoying chlorine smell.

2. Salt is a healthier alternative. It is also friendlier to the skin and overall general health. It is easier on the skin and is not known to cause any medical problems. Chlorine will irritate eyes and discolor hair. You do not suffer from symptoms related to chlorine exposure.

3. They are easier to maintain. Salt pools require less maintenance and fewer chemical expenses. They have the ability to keep the water clean and do not require too much attention. On the other hand, the chlorination springs a lot of material to maintain cleanliness. Water cleanliness can be easily reached in salt water.

4. The dollar is well spent on salt pool because of lower maintenance costs. They are certainly much more expensive to build than you will recoup the money within a few years. According to sources, the cost of salt water swimming pool is almost half the cost of chlorine pool maintenance added.

5. diseases are eliminated from organochlorine, a known disrupter human hormones. Organochlorine are also associated with several diseases. These conditions can range from infertility, impaired immune system, hormonal imbalances and even cancer. These can also affect people with asthma and respiratory problems. Pools disinfected with Salt have low levels of chlorine that is not know to cause damage in these diseases.

Finally, building a salt water swimming pool is definitely a good idea and is beneficial for health. The initial costs are higher than you save in the long run for maintenance. They help eliminate health of organochlorine. If you have health problems such as asthma, allergies or impaired immune system, consult with your doctor before taking the decision to salt water pool.