How can you know if you’ve Pet Allergies?


There are so many triggers allergies, and allergies are all around us. Some related to dust and pollen and other triggers can be from pets. Do you know what you are really allergic? Here are some of the allergic reactions caused by animals

Usually allergies pets suffer, they start sneezing badly when they are close to all cats or dogs, or when exposed to pet hair left around the house -. This is the first sign. Other common symptoms to look out for are also blocked or runny nose himself, not too much different from the cold actually. It is easy to tell the difference between the two, however, like when you get from an allergen, the symptoms will subside as quickly as it came.

Just like people who are hyper-sensitive to pollen or dust mites, itchy or red eyes can also be attributed to allergies caused by pets. You may also have tearing of the eyes as well as they can come about if you rub your eyes after touching a dog or cat. To be more specific, pet hair are not the culprit, and pet dander.

If you’ve never heard the word “dander” before I explain it. Dander is similar to dandruff on human scalps and they are much less of skin, so small that it is not obvious to the naked eye.

Pets usually shed microscope of skin throughout the day and are easily spread in the world. They attach themselves to the carpet, furniture and clothes and have a very long life span. This is why when people who have pet allergies in a house with pets, they start sneezing uncontrollably regardless of whether the pet is at home.

Does this mean that allergy sufferers can not own a dog or cat? No, actually, they can. If you decide that you really want to have a pet at home, you need to select certain types of dogs or cats are hypoallergenic – yes it really is such a thing. The Maltese and Australian Terrier are just 2 examples of hypoallergenic dogs.

Another thing you can do to make sure you can live with your pet without suffering is to get you an air purifier for your home.

best models are the ones that get installed in existing cooling or heating system and they clean efficient air throughout the house so it will continue to be without dander.